Ticket Office
Ticket Office
Type Government Office
Preceded by None
Country United Kingdom
Founded 1660
Abolished 1829
Headquarters Somerset House, Whitehall, London, England
Role Payment of Naval Wages
Part of Navy Office
Succeeded by Ticket and Wages Branch

The Ticket Office was established in 1660 as part of the Navy Office it administered the payment of naval wages in conjunction with the Navy Pay Office. The Ticket Office was usually part of one of the departments of the members of the Navy Board. The ticket office and its staff was managed by Chief Clerk/First Clerk of the Ticket Office, he was assisted by a Second Clerk. The office was abolished in 1829.

1) History

The Ticket Office was established in 1660 when it was part of the Comptroller of the Navy's department until 1668. It then became part of the office-for-examining-treasurer-accounts department until 1672 when it became part of the Office of Extra Commissioners of the Navy. In 1673 the distinct office of Manager of the Ticket Office was established until 1674. In 1682 it was transferred back under the Comptrollers department until 1691. In 1691 it became part of Controller of Treasurer's Accounts department. The office was

2) Key Officials

2.1) Manager of Ticket Office

  1. 1673-1674, T. Lewis

2.1) Chief Clerk Ticket Office

  1. 1674-1682, W Whitfield
  2. 1682 Jan-Nov, T. Godsalve
  3. 1682-1686, M. Hale
  4. 1686-1689, D. Lyddell
  5. 1689-1692, W. Whitfield
  6. 1692-1727, M. Howen
  7. 1727-1732, W. Burton
  8. 1732-1739, J. Phillipson
  9. 1739-1750, J. Rossington
  10. 1750-1774, E. Bentham
  11. 1774-1789, W. Paynter
  12. 1789-1808, J. Hunter
  13. 1808-1821, G. Daysh
  14. 1821-1826, S. Inman
  15. 1826-1829, J. Lance

3) Sources

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