Offices of the Clerks of the Kings Marine
Offices of the Clerks of the Kings Marine
Type Government Office
Country Kingdom of England
Founded 1320
Abolished 1545
Headquarters London, England
Role Naval Administration
Affiliations English Navy
Parent of Admiralty Office
Succeeding Council of the Marine

From the 14th and 16th centuries the English Navy and vessels were under the direct or nominal control of the English monarchy were known as King’s Ships and in the 14th century the office of the Clerk of the King’s Ships was created to help manage the burden of administration. Three further offices of the Clerks of the Kings Marine were established from 1512 until 1528. These individual offices were brought together in 1545 as an organisation known as the Council of the Marine that was collectively responsible for the civil administrations of the Navy until 1574 when it was replaced by the Navy Office

1) History

In the middle ages the Navy was managed by the King in Council, sometimes, after 1360, through an official known variously as the Admiral ,High Admiral, or Lord Admiral, of England or, from the early seventeenth century, Lord High Admiral, while day-to-day naval administration was by subordinate Keepers of the Kings Ships later called Clerks of the Kings Marine. In 1320 the monarch created appointed an officer charged with the civil administration of his ports and ships this office holder originally called Clerk of the Kings Ships or Clerk of the Ships he was the sole naval administrator of the English Navy for nearly two hundred years as the navy was expanding rapidly by the 16th century his workload was divided. This led to the creation of other clerks with specific responsibility for certain areas of naval administration in 1512 a Clerk Comptroller was established he was responsible for ? In 1524 a third clerk was established with the title of the Keeper of the Kings Storehouses. In 1528 a fourth office was created the Treasurer of Marine Causes. Individually the four office holders were responsible for the civil administration of navy and were advisers to the Lord Admiral. By 1544 they were collectivley brought together in a body called the Council of the Marine though not legally formalized. In 1545 a memorandum was issued by Henry VIII outlining a new organization to be called the Council of the Marine, formalized by Letters Patent in April 1546, and consisting of the Chief Officers of the Admiralty as they were then called. In 1578 The council of Marine is renamed the Navy Office and administered by the Navy Board. The chief officers become later known as principal officers and commissioners.

2) Offices of the Clerks of the Kings Marine, (1500-1545)

  1. Office of the Clerk of the King's Ships (1320-1545)
  2. Office of Clerk Comptroller (1512-1545)
  3. Office of Keeper of the Kings Storehouses, (1524-1545)
  4. Office of Treasurer of Marine Causes, (1528-1545)

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