Aviation Branch
Aviation Branch
Previously part of Department of Admiralty
Preceded by Air Branch
Active 1914-present
Branch HM Naval Service
Type Naval Air Arm
Role Naval Aviation
Country United Kingdom
Headquarters London, England
Head Rear-Admiral Fleet Air Arm
Total personnel ?
Part of Navy Department

The Aviation Branch, previously called the Air Branch was established in 1914 it currently provides the airborne capabilities for Royal Navy operations its service name is the Fleet Air Arm one of the fighting arms of HM Naval Service. The branch head is the Rear-Admiral Fleet Air Arm.

1) History

The Aviation Branch was originally established in 1914 as the Air Branch it is a service branch for officers and ratings employed within HM Naval Service it provides airborne capabilities for the Royal Navy its service name is the Fleet Air Arm. The branch is currently administered by the Rear-Admiral Fleet Air Arm.

2) Ranks of the Aviation Branch

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3) Sources

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