Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment
Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment
Type Research Department
Preceded by Multiple Departments
Country United Kingdom
Founded 1977
Abolished 1984
Headquarters Gosport, England
Role Propeller Design
Part of navy-department-mod
Succeeded by Admiralty Research Establishment

The Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment (AMTE) was formed in 1977 as part of the second stage of a rationalisation programme for the Ministry of Defence's Research and Development Establishments. In 1984 it was absorbed by the Admiralty Research Establishment (ARE)

1) History

The Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment (AMTE) was formed by the integration of the Admiralty Experiment Works (AEW), the Admiralty Materials Laboratory (AML), the Admiralty Research Laboratory (ARL), the Central Dockyard Laboratory (CDL), the Naval Construction Research Establishment (NCRE), and the Royal Naval Physiological Laboratory (RNPL), along with their various outstations, and also the Admiralty Experimental Diving Unit at HMS Vernon. 1984 AMTE became part of the Admiralty Research Establishment (ARE).

2) Sources

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