Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office
Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office
Preceded by Admiralty Office
Country Kingdom of England
Founded 1546
Abolished 1707
Headquarters London, England
Head Lord High Admiral of the England
Deputy Head Vice-Admiral of England
Deputy to V.Adm Rear-Admiral of England
Role Naval Administration, Law and Operations
Affiliations HM Naval Service
Part of Government of England
Administered by Council of the Marine (1546-1576)
Administered by Navy Board (1576-1832)
Administered by Board of Admiralty (1628-1964)
Component Navy Office (1546-1832)
Component Navy Pay Office (1546-1832)
Component High Court of the Admiralty (1414-1875)
Autonomous Component Office of Ordnance (1460-1597)
Autonomous Component Board of Ordnance (1597-1855)
Autonomous Component Armoury Office (1423-1671)
Succeeded by Department of Admiralty

The Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office or Admiralty of England and previously known as the Admiralty Office was a government office of the Kingdom of England and the English Navy's later Royal Navy's Central Command from 1414 to 1707 responsible for directing the affairs of the HM Naval Service.


The Admiralty Office or Admiralty was first established in 1414 when the remaining two regional admiralty's Northern and Western Admiralty was abolished and its functions were unified under a single admiralty for all of England. The office was first administered by the High Admiral of England, Ireland and Aquitaine who's post was created earlier in 1385 then later by the Lord Admiral of England. After 1412 the previous geographical admiralty's became sub-commands of this office. In 1546 the Admiralty Office was renamed the Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office. The Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office existed until 1707 when Kingdom of England, the Principality of Wales and the Kingdom of Scotland united to form a single Kingdom of Great Britain encompassing the whole of island of Great Britain and its outlying islands it then became known as the Department of Admiralty or Admiralty of Great Britain

Organisation and structure

For a more detailed look at the organisation and structure of the Admiralty and Marine affairs Office in specific time periods see the following articles below.

  1. Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office (1546-1599)
  2. Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office (1600-1707)

In 1707 the Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office became government department of state known as the Department of Admiralty until 1964. It was headed by the government minister responsible and member of the cabinet the First Lord of the Admiralty

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