An Admiral-Superintendent was the Royal Navy appointment, the post holder of which is in command of a large Naval Dockyard.

1) History

An Admiral-Superintendent was the Royal Navy officer in command of a larger Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, Devonportand Chatham all had admiral-superintendents, as did some other dockyards in the United Kingdom and abroad at certain times. The admiral-superintendent usually held the rank of rear-admiral. His deputy was the Captain of the Dockyard or Captain of the Port from 1969. The appointment of admiral-superintendents (or their junior equivalents) dates from 1832 when the Admiralty took charge of the Royal Dockyards. Prior to this larger dockyards were overseen by a commissioner who represented the Navy Board. In the Royal Naval Dockyards, admiral-superintendents ceased to be appointed after 15 September 1971, and existing post-holders were renamed Port Admirals. This followed the appointment of a (civilian) Chief Executive of the Royal Dockyards in September 1969[6] and the creation of a centralised Royal Dockyards Management Board. The superintendent that was generally an officer of three star rank or below usually reported to a higher ranked Admiral in charge of the Naval Station the dockyard was a component of. A four star ranked officer was very rarely appointed as superintendent and has been used only one time at Devonport and no other yards.

1.1) Description of office holders

Although the term admiral-superintendent was generally used to indicate all flag officers the Navy List, listed appointments as follows:

  1. Admiral-Superintendent - a four star rank officer-in-charge of the naval dockyard
  2. Vice-Admiral Superintendent - a three star rank officer-in-charge of the naval dockyard
  3. Rear-Admiral Superintendent - a two star rank officer-in-charge of the naval dockyard
  4. Commodore-Superintendent - a one star rank officer-in-charge of the naval dockyard

Some smaller dockyards, such as Sheerness and Pembroke, had a Captain-Superintendent instead, whose deputy was styled Commander of the Dockyard.

2) Source

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