Naval History of Great Britian is non-commercial personal wiki of two retired naval history hobbyists providing historical information about the English Navy, the Navy Royal, the Royal Navy and the Royal Scots Navy from the 12th century to modern day, It will include government departments, naval commands, navies, ships and who commanded them and how they were administered.

The site is by created by:

Site creators

Peter Keating, is interested in naval administration


Jack McHugh is interested in naval biographies of commissioned officers.


Jimmy Morris

Jimmy is responsible for maintaining our wikidot site.

Source material

The majority of our source material for articles are taken from Wikipedia where we are both editors and created a lot of naval articles there we are in the process of transferring them here, we may adapt that material to suit our manual of style/layout here as allowed under that sites licence terms. Where appropriate we will include an attribution section for each page from other sites we have sourced other material from that operate non-commercial licences.

For a full list of our sources including articles, books, dissertations, thesis we have see this page Sources

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